Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Switching from Chrome to Firefox 4.0

For a while, I was using Chrome browser which was fast, fancy and easy to use. I haven't thought about switching from Chrome to another browser, before reading this post. I loved the idea to customize a browser. And it is true that, Chrome is not allowing its users to customize it in the way that users are comfortable with.

Also check this post, if you want to use Firefox title bar as the container of your tabs and window controls(close, minimize and maximize buttons). Note that this solution works for linux users.

At a first glance, I can say that Firefox 4 is as fast as Chrome now. Let's see, what is coming next..  Ohh.. Here is a screenshot from my Firefox 4:

(Click on the image above, to see a larger version)


cigoretti said...

I think that a browser should be so minimalistic in appearance that you wouldn't want to customize it in the first place. Chrome is close to this, although the others are catching up.

Anonymous said...

firefox is still way slower than chrome, especially on startup.