Sunday, March 20, 2016

Logitech M238 Mouse Not Recognized by Windows and Mac Computers

Hi all,

I cannot believe that it has been three years since I am not posting anything. Good news is I have something to share with you now. So let's move to our topic.

I always like using cute things. When I saw Logitech Colorful Play Collection Wireless Mouse M238 , I felt in love with them :) I immediately checked whether they were compatible with various operating systems. And yes! So it was time to buy one (I chose the fox model :P).

 photo LOGITECH MOUSE WIRELESS OPTICAL M238 FOX 910-004496 castleit.jpg

Well, I was not able to use it on my Macbook Pro with OS X El Capitan. I have tried to make it work on my Windows with no success. I was so sure that the mouse was not working. And I was ready to return it.

I have a Logitech K360 keyboard and a Logitech M325 mouse that I use on my Windows. Hence, I have two Unifying receivers. The funny thing is that I was never able to use a single Unifying receiver to use both devices. This is why two receivers were connected to my computer all the time. It is because I was not aware that we need a software to do it manually! So you should install Logitech Unifying Software to pair your multiple unifying devices with a single receiver. Next thing, I tried to pair my M238 mouse with this software. And it worked! I had one keyboard and two mouses working with a single unifying receiver. One mouse on my right hand, and the other one on my left hand, I was so happy. Of course, what's the point! :) It simply shows that my M238 mouse was working. The strange thing is that I was not able to use my M238 mouse with the original receiver coming with this mouse. But it worked with another unifying receiver. 

My next task was to make it work with my Mac. For this, I also looked for a similar program, and I found one that is called Logitech Options. I was able to use my mouse through a "unifying receiver". Again the original receiver was not working on my Mac either. 

So if your Logitech mouse is not working. Do not panic! Look for suitable softwares and try to make it work. I was lucky that I had an additional unifying receiver. 

Hope it helps you guys.

Update: I tried my M238 mouse on a different Mac now. It worked with the unifying receiver without installing Logitech Unifying Software. Maybe pairing the mouse with a Mac is enough to make the mouse work on different Mac computers. Just a thought :)