Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Social Media's Power: Google Buzz

While I was reading my tweets, I realized that so many people were talking about Google Buzz. I had no idea before so I read some blog posts mentioned within these tweets. Than, I started to read Live Blogging from Google: Launch of Google Buzz. This blog is updated almost every five minutes and I can be aware of every little detail about Google Buzz. Unfortunately, I'm still waiting for Google Buzz to be activated on my Google account =)

I was curious to know the answer of a question: "What was the impact of Google Buzz on Social Media from the past until now". So I decided to analyze it on uberVu. This site is very useful if you want to search some keywords in social media such as Twitter, Facebook, blogs, sites etc. If you look at the results, you can see that the majority of conversations is on Twitter. Let's look at the distribution of tweets in last five days:

Date # of Tweets
Feb 5, 2010: 85
Feb 6, 2010: 26
Feb 7, 2010: 94
Feb 8, 2010: 119
Feb 9, 2010: 21 211 (it is still continuing!!!!)

You can find more details here.
It is amazing to watch users' reaction on specific topics. Thanks to real time search!..